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A design and styling college graduate, Maria's dream was always to enter the fashion world! But since life isn't as easy as it looks like, she found a way to steal some fashion-fairydust... She created her personal style fashion blog called Stylebows and she is chasing her dreams with passion! She also is a travel-lover, she wants to see the world and she already started by visiting European capitals..but this is just the beginning! Maria is an Instagram and social media addict and you can find her almost 24 hours a day online!

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Every year at the start of every new season I am looking for THE bag, which means a handy bag that will accompany me...
camilacoelho style

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Camila Coelho is a Portuguese and English speaking fashion and beauty blogger/vlogger most well known for her MakeUpByCamila YouTube channel and omonymous blog. She launched her...
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Cupcakegrid is an ultra famous Instagram account of 1.8 million followers and it's all about -what else- cupcakes! Here you can get inspired to...
5 nude lipsticks to wear this winter

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Not having a nude lipstick in your make up collection, is like not having a mascara, not possible! There are many many shades of...
queenhorsfall blogger

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Queenhorsfall is a social media influencer and trendsetter from Seoul currently living in California.  Her goal is to work in the fashion industry. She created...
the fashion medley on instagram

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Elif Filyos Tezer is a Turkish ex-lawyer and currently a blogger, living in Canada. She has also studied fashion in Milan and worked in...

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Altuzarra, the ready-to-wear brand, decided to put the spotlight on its accessories this year! Shot by Robin Broadbent, the campaign features three bags from the...
regalinas fall winter 2016

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The Greek clothing company Regalinas just released some pieces of its new collection for the upcoming Autumn of 2016. I don't know about you...

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The it-girl and Reality-star turned make-up-queen Kylie Jenner is expanding her make up kingdom! She started with her ultra famous lip kits which were...

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Shauna is a California girl living in Orange County and she has always been a lover of all things fashion! She is a wife...

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