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Solid cleanser by Beauty Blender (1)

If you are looking for a brush and beauty sponge cleanser I suggest you to try the Solid cleanser from Beauty Blender. It’s a bit pricy and of course you can clean your beauty sponges with any kind of soap you like but this one is amazing.

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Essence make me brow - brow mascara review

I’ve been using this brow mascara for a few months now, so it’s time to write my honest opinion about it. It promises to make your brows look fuller, thanks to its tinted gel formula and its tiny fibers, but I found that it leaves next to none color on my brows, so I guess it doesn’t do what it promises. However, it is a nice and easy tool to use to shape and tame your brows if you need one, thanks to its small fiber brush. So I guess it does at least half the job right, so for me it gets a 5/10 rating. On the plus side, it is really inexpensive so you don’t get to spend much to try it out and see if it works for you.

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Smithfolio Fully Loaded - Brush case (1)

We speak about new beauty products and brushes all the time but we hardly speak about brush cases. If you want to invest in good quality brushes then the most important thing that you have to do first is to invest in a really good brush case. 

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ARTISTRY EXACT FIT™ Powder Foundation set review

The Exact Fit powder foundation set by Artistry, is one I’ve been using for quite some time now. You can either use it as a simple powder, or you can use it with a wet sponge as a foundation. I prefer to do the first, and I’ve very satisfied with the result. I use it to set my foundation when it doesn’t have a matte finish, or over my eyelids to remove the oiliness and have a nice base for my eye makeup. The set comes with a hard case like the one you see in the photo, a sponge that you can store under the powder, and the powder itself which can be replaced when finished. I definitely recommend this powder and the set as well, since it’s one I use daily, and love.

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CND Vinylux nail polish review

I’ve been using CND’s nail polishes for a few months now, and I’m impressed with their pigmentation and durability. They have amazing colors in their collections, and their nail polishes stay on my nails un-chipped for at least a week. exactly as they promise to do. Their brushes are very easy to use to apply the nail polish, and their top coat is amazing as well. It dries super fast and keeps your manicure untouched and shiny for days. I highly recommend their Vinylux line; their colors are very much in fashion and they’re loved by many women worldwide.

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If you happen to watch English Youtube, then you will be familiar with the Collection Lasting perfection concealer. I had the chance to purchase it, and I’ve been trying it for a couple of months now. So here are my thoughts: it is very creamy and soft to apply and also has great longevity. It is not super full coverage, which is actually something I like for every day use. The shade fair 1 will be perfect for pale girls, such as my self.

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Catrice Liquid Camouflage high coverage concealer

I’ve been using the liquid camouflage high coverage concealer by Catrice cosmetics for a few months now, and I can honestly say that I absolutely love it. It’s really cheap, has a thick consistency, and coverage, conceals my dark circles effectively while brightening my eyes at the same time. It stays in place for many hours, and doesn’t stay in the fine lines, and it’s really easy to apply. The only disadvantage I could find, was that it run out faster than all my previous concealers, but with a price that good, that’s not really a concern for me, and I’ve already bought the next one, so I’ll definitely keep using it, and I definitely recommend it for you too!

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Byphasse cleansing milk & toning lotion review

I’ve been using these 2 products for a few months now, and all I can say is that I’m impressed. The cleansing milk removes your makeup completely without irritating your eyes, and also removes all kinds of pollutants when you return home at the end of the day. And the toning lotion removes any remaining makeup while hydrating and toning your skin. They both have a lovely and discreet scent, and they’re both very inexpensive. For their size of 500ml, they’re both a bargain, so if you every come across these two products by Byphasse, make sure to buy them! Totally recommend them!

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