About us

About us

Stylishly Beautiful was created by a team of fashion & beauty bloggers, who got to meet through their personal blogs and decided to join forces and write about fashion, beauty, and everything else might come in the future.

It’s always more fun to work with friends, and share your passions with the world together.

So, who are we? Meet the dream team:


Markella A. aka Call me M

Markella was the “mastermind” behind this site, and she’s the owner of Stylishly Beautiful & an author.

Markella A. ENGBlogger of Do You Speak Gossip?. Follow her on Bloglovin’ here.


Kleoniki T.

Kleoniki is one of the founding members of Stylishy Beautiful and author of this site.

Kleoniki T. ENG

Blogger of Notebook of Claire. Follow her on Bloglovin’ here.


 Katerina Ch.

Katerina is the latest member of the Stylishly Beautiful Team.

Katerina Ch. Blogger on PS. Kate. Follow her on Bloglovin’ here.


Even though we’re starting as a small team, we may welcome new members or contributors in the future. Who knows? Maybe YOU can be the next one.