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We all love braids in spring. But sometimes they can be quite tricky and time consuming. Well my beautiful friends, today I have another super easy and cute hairstyle, which you can wear in Sping and Summer and look amazing! I am talking about low messy buns. What I love about this hairstyle, is that everyone can do it. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short, culry or straight hair, this will work! It is super easy and gets you hair out of the way! Let’s see some inspiration!

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Mohawk Braided Updo

Now that spring is almost here, cute braided hairstylse are always on trend. I love this one especially, because it is easy, yet beautiful. It gets your hair out of your face, but since it is a half updo, it has a romantic vibe. I truly suggest you try it!

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Veryhair wigs (1)

With the latest trends of changing your hair every single week (thanks to Kylie Jenner that changes her hair on a daily basis!) it’s normal for you to want to refresh your hair. Instead of chopping or dyeing it, I propose to try wigs for women. You can also use a wig if you want longer hair but you don’t have to. It’s easy to apply, you can wear it without damaging your hair and of course change it regularly. Do we need anything else? In the Veryhair website you can find some amazing lace front wigs that create the look of natural hair.  You can choose between long hair or short (what do you think about a beautiful bob style). Or you may want straight or curly!

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Do you find it difficult to figure out the perfect hairstyle for winter? We are here to show some of the easiest and most adorable winter hairstyles you can create on your own. They are appropriate for every occasion and perfect to keep your hair put together in the colder months!


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Full Lace Wigs

Hair trends, just like every other trend out there, keep changing from one season to another, and as a result, we put our hair through so much, and we end up ruining their quality and look. In the past, you could only achieve a nice hair color or a new haircut by dyeing or chopping off your beautiful locks, but these days, we can follow any trend we like, just by using some hair extensions or wigs. Wigs used to be such a taboo subject, but now thanks to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, they’re all the rage. We’ve seen Kylie changing her looks daily. From brunette to blond, from blue to pink, from long to short, and back to long again in just a few hours’ time. If she ever tried all these changes to her natural hair, she would have probably been bald by now, but thanks to Full Lace Wigs she has achieved all those changes, and have created some hair trends along the way.

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Many women around us wear extensions and wigs, not just because they need that extra volume or length to their hair but also for confidence reasons. In case you don’t know it, I wear hair extensions too, my hair is kind of short, weak and flat so I needed all the extras some extensions can provide! What you might also know is that extensions are not cheap, in fact the 100 extensions I wear cost about half a salary so you can guess that I’ve been searching for a cheaper alternative but with no discount in quality! So during my search I discovered which sells, among other things, gorgeous hair extensions, ready-to-wear ponytails, wigs and other worth buying items.

What I instantly fell in love with was the Clip in Hair Extensions! The variety they offer is enormous and every set of hair extensions is gorgeous! You can buy from plain blonde and plain brown to ombre extensions and shiny burgundy colors! There are also straight, wavy and really curly extensions, what’s more to ask, you can find the perfect fit for you!

Omgnb The place to buy quality hair extensions and gorgeous wigs

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Who doesn’t love nice and soft curls? However the amount of damage you cause to your hair, by using all sorts of hot tools is really not worth it. Well, that was until today! Because I have a bullet proof way to curl your hair without any damage or heat. You will only need a headband and few bobby pins. Let’s get started!

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Are boxer braids the newest hair trend? The short answer here is yes…they are! They became really popular after celebrities like Kim Kardashian and her sisters wore them, and as the name suggests they’re inspired by female boxers. Instagram loves them, and we saw them all-over the internet on this season’s Fashion Weeks, both on models and bloggers. But what exactly are boxer braids? Many people seem to confuse them with French braids of cornrows but the right answer is double Dutch braids. They can be worn from day-to-night, from work, to the gym, or to a night-out for drinks with friends. If you’re one of the lucky ones who know how to Dutch braid, we’re jealous. The rest of us will have to keep practicing or simply ask our hairdresser to do it for us. Are you going to be sporting boxer braids this spring/summer season? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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We have seen many variations of Bobs over the years – the Bob itself, then the one created by Victoria Beckham – the Pob, and recently, the Lob, that stands for Long Bob. Now we have a new one – the Wob, it means, wavy bob. Very practical and beautiful – that is the hairstyle of summer, but can be easily worn throughout the year, as well.

Wob hair

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