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Smashbox new collaboration with the youtuber Casey Holmes looks absolutely amazing. It is called the Spotlight Palette and it contains 3 beautiful highlighters. I love the fact that there is a shade for every skin tone! She came out with 2 different palettes, one for darker and one for lighter skin tones. It is a more natural highlighter, which gives your skin a glow from within, without looking powdery or fake! I really think it is a great new launch and I look forward to seeing it in person!

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Unicorn soap Earth's raw beauty 32017 so far has proven to be the year of the unicorn, hasn’t it? From clothes, to beauty products, everyone seems to be in a unicorn-frenzy and who can blame them; they’re so freaking cute. Earth’s Raw Beauty recently created a unicorn-themed soap (and a bar version of the “Believe in Magic” line), which is a goat milk soap scented with a blend of berries, apples, peaches and kumquat. It is a pure soap with no fillers, hardening agents and detergents and it’s made to order. Unfortunately, due to popular demand, the pre-order of the soap has been closed, but the owner said it will be open again in 2-3 weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on Earth’s Raw Beauty Instagram account, for the announcement. The soap costs $6.95 and you will find it here, once it’s available to pre-order again.

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Kristen Stewart is back for the new advert of the Chanel Ombre Premiere Eyes collection for this summer. I totally love the rock style she brings out and she is absolutely the perfect fit for this role! The bronze and blue tones look amazing on her and she makes you want to try everything for yourself. Let’s take a look at some pictures!

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Stila has brought out some of the most popular products at the moment. We are talking of course about their famous and well loved Magnificent Metals Liquid eyeshadows! They took their classic formula of their Magnificent Metals pigment shadows, which are basically glitter eye shadows in a pigment form, and they turned them in a liquid form. I am super impressed with this product, not only because the concept is great, but they also have some amazing colours. I’ve also heard nothing but good things about them, which makes me even more excited! Let’s take a look!

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Tarte Make Believe Yourself Collection Summer 2017

Tarte is launching a new, colorful range of makeup products in their unicorn collection for spring/summer 2017. The new collection will be launched on March 15th, and will include: the Magic Wands Brush Set, which is a vegan, cruelty-free brush set with handles that look like unicorn horns ($39), a Make Believe in Yourself Eye and Cheek Palette which is filled with 10 metallic shadows and a strobing highlighter for eyes and cheeks ($40) and last but not least the Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter, with four shimmering pastel shades that are true to the name of the collection ($30). Are you excited about this new collection? Are you planning to buy any of these products? We have a feeling that they might sell out quickly.

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