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You should follow - @polabur on InstagramI can’t remember how I found out about @polabur ‘s Instagram profile. It may have been either trough another blogger @adashoffash, or either through an Instagram suggestion you now see while scrolling down your feed. Either way, I really loved her account, so I didn’t hesitate to follow her. Her profile does share some characteristics with a @dashoffash, but has less pink hues, and she posts photos of Amsterdam a lot, something I really love since the day I got back from my trip there. Either way, her photos really caught my attention and made me follow her instantly. She has a really beautiful account, consisting of photos of her, food or beautiful places around the world. What else could I ask for! Nothing, I reply. If you like the same things, then you should definitely check her out and why not, maybe follow her too! 😉

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I might suggested way too many travel Instagram accounts the past few months but I never forgot my true love. I’m always interested in lovely accounts related to beauty.  The @thesundaygirluk is the ideal account for whoever loves skincare and cosmetics. Who doesn’t like learning all about new products and finding some suggestions? I know, I do! Moreover, most of her photos are flatlays and they look bright, professional and magnificent. There’s really not much more to say. If you enjoy looking at such photos, then you should totally go follow that account, or at least check it out!

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You should follow @scraperka on InstagramAnia is the girl behind @scraperka on Instagram. She’s a lifestyle and interior blogger, a traveller, a photographer, a flatlay, coffee and simplicity lover, as she states on her profile. Since I have most of these characteristics myself, you get why I’d fallen in love with her beautiful Instagram profile, right? I love how she photographs the simple moments of her everyday life in a really nice way. I find her profile very inspirational, and that’s always a reason for me to follow someone on Instagram. So I thought I’d share with you her profile today, in case you want to check it out. As always, if you find that you like her profile, give her some love, and maybe tell her how you found about her profile? 😉 hehe

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You should follow_yabatravellers on Instagram 1Vasiliki and George, a Greek couple, share the same passion for travelling.  Many couples state that they have a commune Instagram account but most of the times we only see one of them. Luckily this is not one of these kinds of accounts. Vasiliki and George travel all around the world and take some romantic and cute shots together.  Moreover, they share photographs of incredible places and landscapes. It’s not the usual travel account but this is what makes it unique. I love their photos and the lovely atmosphere. If you are in a relationship, they will even inspire you to take nicer photos with your beloved one so make sure to check them @yabatravellers.

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You should follow - @letsnomnom on instagram

If you’re a foodie like me, you might have already be following @letsnomnom on Instagram. If you’re not, and you love food pics, then you should definitely go and do it now. As you can tell by these photos, this account is filled with yummy food pics that are going to blow your mind away. They started in Sydney, but they’re now in Singapore, trying out and photographing yummy food from various places there. So if you like what you see here, you should definitely follow their account!

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