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I don’t know a lot about, because it’s one of my most recent follows on Instagram, but as she states in her biography, Ketevan Giorgadze, the girl behind this account, is a photographer, a content creator and a traveler. Her travel photos and personal style are absolutely dreamy and that made me follow her in the first place. I love it when girls manage to look so flawless during their travels, because I struggle with this myself. If you follow her, you’ll see inspirational photos from around the world, but mostly from Paris where she recently moved to. I don’t know about you, but this is all it took for me to follow her. 🙂

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You should follow @minimaliving on Instagram@minimaliving is one of these accounts you see on Instagram that are full of beautiful flatlays, of food, desserts, coffee, colorful flowers and cool stationary. I love both the photography and the subject of such accounts, and that’s why when I came across @minimaliving, I didn’t think twice before following it. There’s really not much more to say. If you enjoy looking at such photos, if you find them inspirational, then you should totally go follow that account, or at least check it out! 😉

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Amelia Liana is a British Youtuber/Instagrammer, whose feed on instagram is wthat the social media call ‘GOALS’. I mean you can see it for your self that every single of her piscture is absolutely perfect. I love the theme and the colour palette of her feed and I always get excited to see her new posts! I truly suggest you follow her, since you will get so much inspiration!


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You should follow on Instagram @queenofjetlags

Noor is the person behind @queenofjetlags. She’s a fashion blogger and Youtuber from Amsterdam, Netherlands, which I got to know from another favorite blogger & Youtuber Tamara, of Glam & Glitter. Noor has a very beautiful Instagram account, in which she posts mostly photos of herself, not only in Amsterdam, but from all over the world, as her name suggests. Her grid is a mix of pink, flowers, and beautiful views from cities she travels to, with the occasional appearance of other well-known bloggers. Check out her account, and let her win you over like she did with me. 🙂

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You should follow realfashionist on InstagramZaklina is a fashion blogger from Serbia, who’s known through her Instagram account @realfashionist, which now has over 300k followers. If you didn’t know her age, you would have never imagined that Zaklina is over 30. I happened to read about her somewhere online, and I found out that not only she’s 47 years old, she’s also a grandmother. Well, she’s the chicest, most young-looking grandmother I’ve ever seen. But the reason I’m featuring her here today, is because she has a great fashion sense, and I just love looking at her Instagram photos. Her style is effortless and sometimes she looks like an Italian princess. She’s been living in Italy for the past couple of years, and I say that the country definitely suits her. If you want to see more of her style, just follow her Instagram account.

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