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You should follow - @deer.home on InstagramYou already to know that in this column, we like to share with you, not only fashion or beauty Instagram accounts, but all kinds of accounts that catch our attention. So today, we’ll share an account that I personally love, @deer.home. As you can understand, Paulina, the girl behind the account, shares beautiful photos of her house on her account, with products and things styled in such way that looks absolutely amazing. I find her account very inspirational; it makes me want to create better photos for my own account. She plays a lot with grey, different fabrics, and items, and makes her photos very interesting and artistic. Take a look at the photos we decided to showcase today, and you’ll get the point. If you like what you see here, make sure to check her out, and follow her! You won’t regret it!

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You should follow @msyan_ on InstagramYan’s account @msyan_ on Instagram is super inspirational for me. I love its bright colors, and beautiful details. And also that there are a lot of food pics involved, but they’re beautifully styled, and interesting to look at. I see food photography as art, and her account is really good at that. She rarely posts personal pics of her on her account, but you do get to see her here and there. She has beautiful colorful hair, which is usually pink or purple, and perfectly match her account’s colors. Yan is from Sydney, and if you’re also a food lover and love these kinds of photos make sure to check out her account, and follow her, if you find something you like there. It’s one of my personal favorites, and I definitely recommend it to you if you like this style. 🙂

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You should follow @taramilktea on Instagram

@taramilktea, is a latest find of mine. I love finding new inspirational accounts to follow, and this one didn’t take long to convince me. Tara is a blogger from Sydney, currently living in New Zealand, who loves traveling around the world. Her love for traveling is deeply depicted in her Instagram profile which is filled with colorful photos of Tara’s lifestyle. Take a look at her grid, and don’t forget to follow her if you see something you like. We surely do! 🙂

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