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Summer is officially here and hot weather is all about the glowy skin and light weight make up. But how are you going to achieve it? The answer is simple, with a frew bt amazing products, that you will find down below! Let’s have a look!

mom jeans


Mom jeans are definitely the new big thing in fashion.  This amazing in my opinion fashion trend is back here, to stay for good.  Mom jeans is the easiest and most effective way to spice up any outfit! You can pair them with converse, flats, sandals, or high heels and each time you will get a different and outstanding outfit. Lets take a look at some inspiration on how to style this beautiful piece!

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amsterdam light festival (1)
If your are planning to visit Amsterdam on December or January then you can go to the Amsterdam Light Festival. Artists, designers and architects from all over the world make artworks especially for the festival. 

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