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Look of the day - Easter SundayEaster Sunday is approaching fast (it’s this Sunday for Catholics, and the next Sunday – the 8th – for Orthodox) and we’re here to give you an idea on what you can wear on Easter Sunday, in case you’re wondering. Of course you can wear anything you like, from casual to formal, depending on the occasion, but this is our suggestion. Since we’re heading into the heart of spring, why not bring it closer, with a beautiful and ethereal midi flower print slip dress? Or any flower print dress for that matter, sleeveless or not. If you like the slip dress option however, but it’s still too cold in your country to wear it by itself, you can layer it with a t-shirt, or even a fitted long-sleeved top, in black or white. Either way, you will still need an outerwear. A black leather biker jacket is a great and relaxed option for the day, and the contrast with the slip dress will be amazing. Layer some necklaces for the needed bling bling of the day. If you’re comfortable in heels, we’d suggest you wear a nice pair of strappy sandals (with a thick heel) for the day. If not, you can wear a nice pair of sneakers, black or white preferably. Last but not least, a dark green bag will add a pop of color to the whole look, making it even more spring-appropriate. And there you have it, the perfect Easter Sunday look, from us to you! Happy Easter everyone. May you have a great one! 🙂

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Look of the day - the Mustard sweater

The mustard colour has been quite popular from the beginning of winter. We wrote a detailed post about how great trend it has been. He even gave you some winter outfit ideas.  However, we are in a transitional season so it might be a little tricky how you will combine it now. 

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Look of the day - red accessoriesNow that spring is so close, all I can think about is warm and sunny days, when you can get away bare-legged with a dress, and jacket on top. This is how I envisioned the perfect look for that day. Midi starry-printed wrap dress, with mid-sleeves, red velvet ankle boots, a red leather bag with silver detailing, silver earrings with red tassels and a simple black biker jacket to top everything off. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect early-spring outfit of the day? It does sound like that to me at least. I love the feeling of bare legs, with no tights on, and just a slither of skin showing, just enough for me to feel the spring breeze of those warm and sunny days. I imagine wearing that outfit for a stroll downtown, and a coffee with friends somewhere near the sea. You can tell I am a spring girl, can’t you? I really really love that season. It’s still too early to wear these kinds of looks though. Even in Greece, when we did have some beautiful sunny and warm days lately. I’ll keep myself warm enough for now, but in my mind, I’m wearing this outfit. And you can wear it too, by clicking the items you like, on the widget below! 😉

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Look of the day - The Mustard SweaterdressWe’ve talked a lot about sweater dresses here on Stylishly Beautiful, and we know you like them a lot, and the truth is, we do too. So for today’s look we drew inspiration both from sweater dresses, and lots of different trends, such as: The color mustard, over-the-knee boots, extreme cat-eye sunglasses, captain hats, and hoop earrings. So we combined them all together, for a very interesting and definitely fashionable look, we’re sure you’re going to love as much as we do. Just pick an outerwear, and you’re out of the door, looking as stylish as ever. We believe sweater dresses are the best way to wear your over the knee boots, and captain hats look amazing on, so why not combine them? Wear your gold hoop earrings, and your cat-eye sunglasses, and get prepared to be stopped a lot to be asked about your fashionable pieces. And they’re all quite affordable, so if you want to check them out, click on the widget below! 😉

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