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Meet the blogger | P.S. Kate

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Katerina is a young girl who loves makeup, traveling, photography, but also the subject of her studies, mathematics. She's sharing her love for the...
Meet the Youtuber Sonia Th

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Sonia is one of the sweetest & kindest persons I've ever met. I've had the pleasure of meeting her in person, about 1,5 year...
Meet the designer - Abycraft - interview

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Arabella, aka Aby is a really sweet, young and very talented girl, that I had the pleasure of meeting in person a couple of...

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Evangelia is a very sweet and friendly girl. I've been reading her blog for the past few years and I always liked the way...
Meet the Youtuber - Toothfairy Gardy interview

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Maria is commonly known on Youtube as Toothfairy Gardy, and she has won her viewers over due to the quality of her videos, and...
Meet the bloggers - Our beauty wonderland 1

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"Our Beauty Wonderland" is one of my favorite blogs and I'm really happy to introduce you the girls behind it, today. Its thematology is...
The colourful bouquet - Greek fashion blogger

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Ioanna has been a fashion & beauty blogger for the past couple of years, but her love for what she does is quite obvious....
elielizaeli youtuber

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It really is weird meeting in person someone you've been watching through Youtube. You may feel like you already know this person and it's the...
Ελληνίδα Youtuber - Angie Kariofilli

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Angeliki is a really sweet and polite girl, who exudes a very positive energy, and I'm happy I was able to meet her in...
blogger - Beauty Maniac - Lila Amanatidou

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You may not believe it but Thessaloniki has a very strong blogging community with great bloggers. One of them is Lila, a sweet and...

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