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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the best-seller book 50 shades of grey being adapted into a film. Well, either you read the book or not, it has a huge following and its movie premiere is tomorrow on the 11th (for some countries, or in the following days for some others). Of course, we couldn’t leave this opportunity behind, and not prepare a post, inspired by the upcoming movie. 4 of the Stylishly Beautiful girls, created manicures based on grey, and a few other colors, inspired by the O.P.I. “50 Shades of Grey” nail polish collection we wrote about a few months ago. So let’s take a look at our manicures, one by one.

50 shades of grey inspired manicure - Denise

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Marc Jacobs, clearly influenced by the worldwide phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey book, launched a kinky accessories collection, just in time for Valentine’s Day. This special collection includes masks, whips, handcuffs and many other kinky accessories, perfect for any couple who wants to have a different Valentine’s day this year (trust me, after the premier of the 50 shades movie, there will be many of them). So if you want to surprise your other half, you can always choose something from this collection, which you can find online at marcjacobs.com and in selected retailers worldwide!

marc jacobs kinky valentine gifts

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