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Today we have a review about a duo of perfume and body lotion – Alien, by Thierry Mugler. It’s a bit polemic – some will say “too strong”, some will say “amazing”. Well, of course people’s opinions differ, so let’s read the review 🙂 The perfume: once you spray it, it feels fresh and fruity, but as it dries it turns to be more floral and musky. It is a unique fragrance – well, every fragrance is unique, but this one won’t remind you of anything else!  It lasts a decent period of time, for me. The notes are jasmine as front and center but then amber comes to warm it up. It smells, how can I say, mystical, magical… fairy like… The bottle is dark purple, which conveys a “dark” kind of feeling when you think of it… but in a good way, if I am explaining myself correctly! It is neither too sweet, not too warm; for me, a perfect combination.

Thierry Mugler Alien perfume and body lotion review

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