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You should follow @lioninthewild on Instagram

Kiara King is the girl behind @lioninthewild ‘s Instagram account. She’s a blogger from Australia, and after I’ve been following her account for quite some while now, I can tell that, not only I’m totally in love with her photos and the style she has chosen for her grid, I’m also kind of trying to switch my own account’s theme, and push it to that direction. Apart from the style of her photos though, which are mostly gray with pops of color, I love the kind of photos she publishes there. So if you’re into the same style she (and I) is, then you should totally go check out her account, and follow it maybe. I honestly can’t get enough of her grid. It has quickly become one of my favorite accounts.

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Bloggers we love - Michelle's style file

Michelle’s Style File is the internet child of Michelle, a 37-year-old personal style blogger, and mom to a 3-year-old boy, from Melbourne. Michelle works full time, but she also manages to update her blog frequently, with the aim to inspire. Maternity & nursing styles also have a prominent position on her blog, which she launched back in 2011. Her style is minimal but very feminine too, and she is a shoe girl like me. <3 Check out her blog for more outfits, and make sure to follow her!

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Bloggers we love - Winston & Willow 3

Charlotte Bridgeman is the blogger behind the Winston & Willow blog. She’s originally from Melbourne, but lives in Sydney, Australia. Her blog is documenting her personal style while it also has some lifestyle in it. She launched her blog in March, 2013, and since then she has gained quite a big following. Her style is minimal, without too many accessories, but at the same time it’s stunning. She knows how to style her outfits, and how to pose for photos, and her Instagram account will make you jealous. Check out her style below, and don’t forget to follow her!

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Bloggers we love Zanita1

For those who don’t know her, Zanita is an Australian former model and blogger started from a country girl and ended up as one of the world’s most successful bloggers. Her model proportions and her talent in photography made her online community growing and growing. At the same time, her style was evolving, using many oversized items and grunge elements in general, in her wardrobe. I’ve been following her blog only for a few months, as I met her from her friend and blogger Gary Pepper Girl (find the whole article we wrote about her here) and her style and aesthetic stood out for me from the very first time. The past three years she also works as a professional photographer having taken up campaigns with iconic brands such as her photographic experience with Louis Vuitton and Gary Pepper Girl. Except for her outfit posts you’re going to see part of the collaboration she did with two of the world’s top bloggers (Nicole Warne and Chiara Ferragni) below, while being photoshooted for Lucky magazine. For more photos you can visit her omonymous blog Zanita!

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tuula jessica steinI am pretty sure that you have seen pictures of Jessica Stein somewhere in the web, either outfit pictures or shots from her never-ending travels from all over the world! This global fashionista rarely stays in her place in Australia, since she is always on the go, combining fashion and landscapes for our eyes only! Her style depends on her location and changes every time, so you can see her wearing many outfits, from something too simple to something too ”noisy”. She started her blog because she wanted a place to share her travel photos from an overseas trip to Europe. Now this blog is her full time job and she likes it so much! Also something that seemed too weird to me was her blog’s name and I found out it means ”wind” in Finish. So meet Jessica, enter her fashion world and travel with her (but try not to be jealous of her super-extra-long legs!)

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Gary Pepper girl 1 - Stylishly BeautifulNicole Warne, aka the Gary Pepper girl, launched her fashion blog in 2009, along with a small business that sold vintage pieces, called Gary Pepper vintage. As both her blog and her business begun to grow in size and popularity, Nicole took the risk to first quit her full-time job, and then pause her vintage business to pursue her dreams as a full-time fashion blogger. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Nicole travels the world in style with one goal in mind: “to continue to share with her audience the journey of painting and creating the world of Gary Pepper, a realm of vivid colour, striking fashion and endless possibilities. It’s not about seeing beautiful places; it’s about seeing the beauty in every place. Her life motto? The glass is half full.”

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