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You should follow @lioninthewild on Instagram

Kiara King is the girl behind @lioninthewild ‘s Instagram account. She’s a blogger from Australia, and after I’ve been following her account for quite some while now, I can tell that, not only I’m totally in love with her photos and the style she has chosen for her grid, I’m also kind of trying to switch my own account’s theme, and push it to that direction. Apart from the style of her photos though, which are mostly gray with pops of color, I love the kind of photos she publishes there. So if you’re into the same style she (and I) is, then you should totally go check out her account, and follow it maybe. I honestly can’t get enough of her grid. It has quickly become one of my favorite accounts.

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Nadia Fairfax lives between Sydney and New York and all these years she has been working in social media, which led her to create her personal blog named “Fairfax Journal”. In her blog, you can find editorial style pictures, which have nothing to envy from those of magazine photoshoots. Nadia knows perfectly how to adapt the latest trends in her personal style and her followers on social media are getting increased day by day. Also, the fashion blogger is working with Vogue Australia lately, which is the Australian version of the “fashion bible” and is also a new member to the group of Fashion Bloggers participating in the namesake reality TV show. Explore Nadia’s style and learn more about her, through her site and the photos below:

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All photos belong to Fairfax Journal blog

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Kate Waterhouse lives in-the-spotlight from an early age, as her grandfather was the racing champion, living the success. He started her career as a journalist on Sunday Telegraph in which she was a style editor, until she becomes the Fashion Editor of The-Sun Herald writing about the latest fashion news and trends. Katewaterhouse.com is her personal blog in which you can find fashion, lifestyle, beauty and celebrities’ interviews such as Kim Kardashian’s interview. Kate has also contributed to various publications such as vogue.com and Vanity Fair Germany and she’s also a contemporary TV star, as she presents many famous shows in her country. Discover the elegant and feminine style of Kate Waterhouse through the following pictures.

Kate Waterhouse SB 2

Kate Waterhouse SB 3

Kate Waterhouse SB 4

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I recently found about the Fashion Bloggers Tv show via Ιnstagram and I was so excited that Ι watched all of the episodes in one day!! The truth is, that it reminds me a little of Real Housewives, but in a more down-to-earth version… It’s all about a reality show in which Amanda, Zanita, Margaret, Kate and Sara, famous fashion bloggers from Sydney, Australia are the main protagonists. In the episodes we see parts of their daily lives (photoshoots, collaborations, meetings), their travels in order to cover the fashion weeks and the further development of their blogs as they get hundreds of followers every day!! For those who still don’t believe it, check out the trailer below and I’m sure you’ll also fall in love with this show!!

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