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I think I never told here, but some people who know me, know that I simply hate hand creams and body lotions. No matter how much a clerk tells me that “no, this one is not sticky like the others” (so they know all the “other” creams on the market?) – it doesn’t matter, I feel sticky. But seriously, this year I have started to change concerning this aspect (and listened to one of my dermatologists 🙂 Due to my skin complexion and family genes, I have lentigines freckles on many parts of my body (meaning, not because of sun, but genetic) – and this means I have dry and sensitive skin at the same time (according to expert dermatologists in the journal Nutrition USA, whoever has dry skin will have freckles in a proportion that is 3 times higher than people with oily or combination skin). Recognizing that I was wrong about hand creams, and feeling my skin going drier and drier, I finally accepted a friend’s recommendation — the Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream – Ultra effective and seriously soothing. Yes, that’s what comes written on the tube!
Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream review

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