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Are you ladies ready for the beach? We all know that going to the beach is not everyone’s best look. The heat the salt and the sand don’t give you much choice on what to wear. But you can always step up your game just by adding a few extra steps. First, instead of a boring short, wear a maxi shirt with a big cut. Not only it is beautiful, but it also protects you from the sun in the most stylish way! Add a hat ( and I don’t mean a baseball one)! I mean I don’t know if you notice but every fashion blogger has these beautiful big hats, which you can definitely DIY! Beautiful and protected from the sun at the same time! Then you can choose a bold bikini to make a statement as the one I show you or keep it simple. the choice is yours! Have an amazing summer!

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For the ones who are going to spend summer on beaches or swimming pools, makeup may be a concern – foundations don’t match with the word water. Powder definitely not, but at least you can wear mascaras that will keep you stylish and beautiful and won’t let you down when you go for a dive – they are waterproof! So let’s see the ones that you can wear, with splurge & save prices, so that no one will be without a waterproof mascara on vacations. Choose your favorite!

Waterproof mascaras - swim with confidence

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Swimsuit season is officially on! I know that articles, such as this one, that tell you what swimsuits suit you best according to your bodytype aren’t something original, but sometimes they can be helpful. So I’ve gathered some swimsuits that are all available in stores online right now (you’ll find their links in the widget below) and I’ll tell you a few things, about what to keep in mind when choosing a swimsuit.


Rectangle bodytype:

Swimsuit for your bodytype - rectangle

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