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Meet the Youtuber Sonia Th
Sonia is one of the sweetest & kindest persons I’ve ever met. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in person, about 1,5 year ago, and since then, we’ve come really close and become friends. 🙂 She started her Youtube channel about 10 months ago, and she has already won many people over, and gained an audience for herself. She’s really talented in the art of makeup, and she absolutely loves it. She likes teaching us how to achieve her gorgeous makeup looks through her frequent video tutorials. If you’re also a makeup lover, or a beauty lover in general, you absolutely have to follow her! So let’s get to know her better through the interview she gave us.

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Bloggers we love - Dulce Candy 2- StylishlyBeautiful.com

Dulce Candy Tejada, is a 28-year-old fashion blogger and beauty vlogger, who was born in Mexico but moved to California (where she currently lives) when she was little. She joined the army after finishing high school, she served in Iraq for more than a year, and after that she worked as a mechanic in the military. She started her Youtube channel because she wanted something to make her feel more feminine, because her profession didn’t allow that. Later she quit her job and continued with her Youtube channel and personal style blog, and she became one of the most popular bloggers and Youtubers in the world. She’s happily married and has a 4-year-old son. I’ve been a long time follower of Dulce Candy, and I was following her blog long before I found about her youtube channel. Both her outfits, and her makeup looks are amazing. She has a unique style, that flatters her petite frame and her makeup looks are flawless. No wonder she’s one of the best. See more of her style in the pics below and make sure to follow her blog and social media!

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Meet the Youtuber - BeautyFist07 2- StylishlyBeautiful.com
Christina is the sweet girl who’s behind the Youtube Channel BeautyFist07. She started making her own videos at the early 2013, and since then she has rightfully won the love and liking of thousands of subscribers. I won’t say more though, because she’s going to introduce herself to you through the interview she gave us. What I’ve noticed about her though, is that she doesn’t have a shred of competitiveness in her, and that’s obvious from the constant support of the work of her fellow Youtubers. And I believe that this is what makes her stand out! Let’s get to meet Christina better…

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meet the blogger marillia1

Maria is the favorite youtuber of many girls! She’s always direct with her audience, a characteristic that makes her stand out, and she’s the girl with the great humor you always wanted to have as a best friend, to also be able to raid her closet, and her cosmetics cabinet.

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