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Gizele Oliveira is a model/blogger born in Brazil and she is the girl behind the blog Gizele a go-go! She is a gorgeous, super tall and ultra-fit brunette with a great sense of style! I don’t really know much about her but she is well known in the model world! She always wears the most gorgeous sunglasses and her make up is always on fleek! Just take a look at her blog and her Instagram page which she updates more frequently and you will totally agree! 

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The Atelier SB 2

Patricia Manfield was born in Moscow and now, as a Milano resident she’s writing from there. The 21-year-old blogger was traveling all over the world with her family of artists so she didn’t have the chance to stay in one place for a long time… After following law-school, she changed her mind and applied for Central Saint Martins based in London so as to work in the area of her interests. After she started The Atelier by herself, she found love in the eyes of Giotto Calendoli and her blog was renewed with men’s and women’s outfits. Now they’re both writing and presenting different outfits. I loved their aesthetics from the first visit and of course I’m following them! So, if you want to be informed about the latest fashion trends and have some eye-candy (Giotto is an Italian boy!) you have to visit it!!

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Mariano Di Vaio - MDV Style - Bloggers we love

M A R I A N O  D I  V A I O … The ultimate male! There is no other word that describes this boy better!!

Mediterranean temperament, style, body, face and of course his smile, make him stand out among so many other bloggers! No wonder why he has reached 2 million likes on Facebook, and why all the ladies go crazy about him!!!

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Liz Cherkasova a.k.a the owner of ”Late Afternoon” fashion blog is not exactly the blogger I check daily, but once I do, I find myself being so so jealous of her gorgeous outfits. Her style is so romantic, even when she wears black! Maybe it has to do with her silky blonde hair (well her hair was pink for a short time too), her often braided hairstyle or her melancholic smile. She started blogging while she was still in college because she needed a getaway from her classes and now this getaway is kind of her full time job, since she also owns a phsycology degree. The sophisticated style of this ”not-so-typical” Californian girl, makes her so unique and if this is the first time you hear her name, well, it’s time to check her blog and get some inspiration for romantic and vintage outfits!

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I love many bloggers but if I had to choose one it would be Blair Eadie! She is adorable and she totally lives and breathes for fashion! Her blog named Atlantic-Pacific is one of the most popular pesonal style blogs globally! She used to live in San Francisco and work as a merchandiser for Old Navy but her current role is director of merchandising for Tory Burch in New York! Her style is the most perfect I have seen in years and I love every outfit she wears! Blair is the absolute NY girl and she used to match her make up and her nails with her outfit, even before it was cool! To me, she is a modern princess and I suggest you follow her and enter her fashion world!


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