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Annabel Pesant is a twenty-seven year old girl living in Antwerp and she is the person behind a really successful fashion and lifestyle blog! She has a master degree in marketing but her obsession about fashion and social media won the fight about her future career! She loved fashion as long as she could remember and with her fashion-lifestyle blog she aims to inspire people and express her style! I personally love everything she wears, I love her gorgeous hair, I love her big smile, well everything! Keep up the good work Annabel!

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I don’t think that I have to tell you a lot about Chiara… She is an Italian, gorgeous blogger, maybe one day she will be a law school graduate and she is a worldwide phenomenon. Since she created her blog “The Blonde Salad” she became a model for several campaigns, collaborated with many brands and created capsule collections and of course she has her own jewellery and shoe line (we talked about the shoe line at our very first post!)

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