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coachella inspired - shopping guide

Lately, everyone has been attending the Coachella festival and all our social media feeds are filled with Coachella material. But just because we can’t be there too, it doesn’t mean we can’t feel part of the Coachella vibes. Dressing up for the part is a big step, and today we’re glad to be covering this. What you need is, a pair of ripped denim shorts, a lace up front shirt, low ankle booties, a fringed bag, and a hat. And don’t forget to bring a bandana or a scarf with you, because dessert means sandstorms, and it’s not pleasant feeling the sand on your face and mouth. Finish off your look with a boho hairstyle, preferably with a braided one, and you’re ready to hit the festival yourself. 😉


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If anyone asks me for my favorite trend of the year I will say the fringes! Since the boho style is totally back this season and the 70’s look is dominating fashion, fringes are the star in my heart! Do not hesitate to wear fringes in every possible version, but if you are not brave enough you can always invest in a bag and a pair of fringed shoes! Personally I already own a bag and I am planning to buy a fringed jacket with a wild west feel to it!

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