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Look of the day - red accessoriesNow that spring is so close, all I can think about is warm and sunny days, when you can get away bare-legged with a dress, and jacket on top. This is how I envisioned the perfect look for that day. Midi starry-printed wrap dress, with mid-sleeves, red velvet ankle boots, a red leather bag with silver detailing, silver earrings with red tassels and a simple black biker jacket to top everything off. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect early-spring outfit of the day? It does sound like that to me at least. I love the feeling of bare legs, with no tights on, and just a slither of skin showing, just enough for me to feel the spring breeze of those warm and sunny days. I imagine wearing that outfit for a stroll downtown, and a coffee with friends somewhere near the sea. You can tell I am a spring girl, can’t you? I really really love that season. It’s still too early to wear these kinds of looks though. Even in Greece, when we did have some beautiful sunny and warm days lately. I’ll keep myself warm enough for now, but in my mind, I’m wearing this outfit. And you can wear it too, by clicking the items you like, on the widget below! 😉

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Look of the day - pink & metallics

Today’s look is inspired by one of my new favorite items taken from my wardrobe. I’m talking about the pink suede leather jacket, which I recently bought but already love. Blush pinks and metallics are a huge trend lately, so why not combine them together for a fresh and feminine look. You can wear it all day, even in the morning, by dressing it down with a simple white T-shirt, and a pair of sneakers (these Adidas superstar in pink, have been on my wishlist, but still haven’t managed to track them down in my size). Finish off the look with a white leather backpack and you’d be ready to win the crowds. If you have a pom pom make sure to hung it on your backpack for bonus style points!

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