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What to wear to summer festivalsSummer means lots of summer music festivals to go to. If you’re wondering, “what should I wear to a music festival” then this article is for you! First rule for such festivals is to be comfortable, so you can stand and dance for hours. Lightweight sneakers such as Converse Chuck Taylor’s are perfect for the occasion, because you don’t want to be wearing open sandals, to avoid getting stepped on, and getting too dirty from the all the dust. Then, wear a pair of shorts, combined with a simple sleeveless tank top (maybe with the band logo, the one you’re there to watch). A backpack might be the obvious answer here, but I urge you to be careful and choose a cross body bag instead, so you can have it in front of you to avoid heaving things stolen from your bag, when you’re not watching. Since most music festivals start early in the day, don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses, and maybe a hat too. Wear lots of sunscreen, and bring bottles of water to keep yourself hydrated. A nice solution if you want your hair to be out of the way, and keep your neck dry, is to boxer braid your hair into space buns. That way you can really enjoy the festival, without having to worry about the heat or the wind blowing your hair in your face. Hope we helped! Have fun!

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