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Look of the day - Casual ThursdayWhat do you usually wear on casual Thursday? We thought, to create a casual look for you, for a change. For us, casual Thursday means a loose pair of jeans, a nice jumper, and a pair of sneakers. But because we are fashion lovers, we would add some more fashionable notes, such as a holographic backpack, and a pair of aviator sunglasses in pink, to match the jumper and the sneakers. The jumper is from the brand Pretty Little Thing, and it’s the cutest one we’ve seen in a while. Running shoes are a huge trend for the past few years, so why not wear them in your more everyday looks. And a nice pair of loose jeans, that would still compliment your figure, is going to help you feel comfortable all day long. Pick a jacket or a parka (in blue or pink maybe) to fight the cold, and you can even add a knit scarf and a pair of gloves to finish off your look. What do you think? Don’t forget, that if you like an item, you can shop for it trough the widget below (from European sites).

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