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The new 2018 Chanel Cruise collection, which took place in Grand Palais in Paris, travelled us to Ancient Greece, with this stunning fashion show. Karl Lagerfeld whose first book was Greek Odyssey from Homer, was inspired by the nymphs, goddesses and women of Ancient Greece, and brought them to life through fashion. With the outcome being the least breathtaking, we can only admire the masterpieces of this collection. The whole runway was a celebration of fluidity with silk, linen, lace and crepe, sandals and statement pieces of jewelry which combined perfectly the personality of Ancient Greece and the classical style of Chanel with the gold being the main focus of this collection. The vases and the entire decoration, the columns and the ancestral frescoes brought the whole show together and truly represented an Ancient Greek temple, with the olive tree and the warm notes of the sunset as the perfect final touches.

Let’s see some of the photos from the show:

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