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As much as love winter, and the holiday season, I have to admit it is not the best time for anyone’s skin. Even if you have oily skin, there days which some parts of your face get super dry. So today after a good research I have to show you my top picks for keeping your skin hydrating during winter!

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I think I never told here, but some people who know me, know that I simply hate hand creams and body lotions. No matter how much a clerk tells me that “no, this one is not sticky like the others” (so they know all the “other” creams on the market?) – it doesn’t matter, I feel sticky. But seriously, this year I have started to change concerning this aspect (and listened to one of my dermatologists 🙂 Due to my skin complexion and family genes, I have lentigines freckles on many parts of my body (meaning, not because of sun, but genetic) – and this means I have dry and sensitive skin at the same time (according to expert dermatologists in the journal Nutrition USA, whoever has dry skin will have freckles in a proportion that is 3 times higher than people with oily or combination skin). Recognizing that I was wrong about hand creams, and feeling my skin going drier and drier, I finally accepted a friend’s recommendation — the Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream – Ultra effective and seriously soothing. Yes, that’s what comes written on the tube!
Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream review

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I am already on my third bottle of Elizabeth Arden‘s famous 8-hour cream, so I thought of sharing why it’s so famous 🙂 It seems it can be used for many purposes as for cuticles, lips, hands, face – I never wore it on cuticles, but one day I may try. As for lips, the brand has a special product, though this one can be applied on lips as well, as per my own experience. I even have it on my bedside table. It is a bit sticky, but as my lips tend to get very dry, I don’t mind sleeping with it for eight hours. It really helps.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour-cream review

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Today’s post comes from personal experience, and it has to do with dry & dehydrated facial skin. I’ll give you some tips along with my favorite products, that have worked for me, and that I’m currently using.

First of all, if you experience dryness (along with dry patches), redness, or even burning sensation on your facial skin, the first thing you HAVE TO do is book an appointment with your dermatologist. He’s the one that will tell you what you’re dealing with and how to treat it right. The article below tells you how to keep your skin hydrated after it has been healed. So if you experience any of the symptoms above, visit your doctor, and start the treatment he gives you. After the treatment has been done, you can follow the steps below to always keep your skin hydrated.

Best products for dry & dehydrated skin

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