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Too Faced's new Glitter Bomb Prismatic Eyeshadow PaletteLast month, Too Faced released a new eyeshadow palette called Glitter Bomb. As you can probably guess by its name it’s full of glittery eyeshadows. But the revolutionary part is that the palette also includes two base shadows, a brightening one, and a deepening one that will help the glittery eye shadows look so much better. There are 8 glitter shades, in pink, purple, bronze, and green, called: Fairy Dust, Confetti, Hot Damn!, Glitter Goals, Rose All Day, Work it!, Oh, it’s ON!, and splash (left to right, top to bottom). You can apply them wet or dry; you just need some Glitter Glue to help you keep all the eyeshadows in place for as long as you like. The palette costs $45 and it’s available now on toofaced.com for a limited time only.

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MAC fashion Pack collection summer 2016

The new makeup collection “Fashion Pack” by MAC Cosmetics has already arrived in stores worldwide and it’s definitely one you’d want to buy. Fuchsia, violet, emerald, deepest plum, midnight; everything you need for a summer full of color! The collection was originally released in consideration of couture week, but it just arrived in Greece, so we’re excited to have it. Better late than ever they say, and it’s true! Are you buying anything from this new collection?

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Summer hairstyles 1As the temperature rises, we start searching for a hairstyle that will be beautiful and at the same time airy. Especially if you have very long hair, you feel hot all day long so you need something to cool you. One of the biggest trends is the braid. There are so many ways and styles to achieve one. Another idea, which is also very chic, is a bun. You can do it easily and quickly. Let’s not forget the headband and other hair clips that are absolutely useful even if you don’t have a particular hairstyle in mind. So, we hope you find some inspiration in today’s post and don’t forget to be daring!!

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During summer season our hair are suffering from the sea salt and the sun so we have to take care of them a little more than usual! Use hair-oils, protective creams, hair-sunscreen and of course don’t use your blowdryer and your beloved flat or curling iron… especially if your hair is weird like mine, I know it’s hard to style them without your tools… but trust me, since it’s summer and our style gets more easy-breezy, braids are the best choice for your hair! So I suggest to you the top 3 braided hairstyles to do this summer! They are so easy, stylish and beautiful!

1) The Dutch Braid, see more details here

dutch-braid-short-hair-dutch braid

2) The Boho Braid, see more details here

boho braidboho braids

3) The Flower Braid, see more details here

floral-braidbraids with flowers


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