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Sephora Rose eye & lip masks review Do you know Sephora’s Rose eye & lip masks (there’s also a face one)? I tried them both last month, and I am most excited to repurchase the lip one. I tried it on after a day when I had swatched tons of liquid lipsticks, and my lips were dry and swollen. The lip mask made them look very plump and hydrated again. You just leave it on your lips for 15 minutes, or more if you’d like, and take it off. It’s a sheet mask so it’s really easy to use; no fuss at all.

I left mine on for more than 15 minutes because my lips were looking horrible and needed a lot of hydration, and didn’t take it off until the lip mask was completely dry. That took around 30 minutes or less. But there’s usually a lot of product in these single-use masks, which is very light-weight and nicely scented and feels likes a serum on your face/lips. So you can use the remaining product left on the mask and packaging and put it on your face or lips as a serum. I suggest you “lock the hydration” with a lip balm after using the lip mask, and follow the face masks with hydrating creams.

As for the eye mask, I didn’t notice anything breath-taking, but I did like the fact that it left my under-eye area more hydrated and radiant. They’re both really good and I highly suggest you try any of these Sephora masks, which are all very hydrating and affordable too. I’m definitely going to purchase more of them in the future!


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Apivia face masks_Review

Apivita is worldwide famous about its skin care products. Today’s review is about two face masks that I really liked. The Express Beauty mask with green clay is mostly referring to oily and combination skin. It cleanses deeply, reduces the unwanted excess of sebum and oiliness and prevents the formation of black spots. Plus, it contains propolis extract which has an antiseptic effect. Every time I use it, I feel my skin unbelievably clean and my acne is calmed down.

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Korres nectarine rich moisturising mask_Review

If I am being correct Korres launched the series of travel-friendly face masks in economic packaging last year. I wanted to try them all, but for an unknown reason I only tried the rich moisturizing mask with nectarine. It has a velvety rich texture and an amazing fruity scent. It contains nectarine extract, with tonic and antioxidant properties and a blend of vitamins which revitalize the skin and replenish its hydration levels. As a result, it hydrates deeply, soothes your skin and leaves it incredibly soft. It contains 18ml of product but it’s enough for 4-5 uses. I believe it’s a great choice if you want to always have a mask for a quick refreshment with you during your travels.

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