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Silky skin is the goal of many of us, isn’t it? I bet so! “Curiosity killed the cat” is the saying, but not in this case 🙂 True I am always testing products out of curiosity or gullibility, but among the products I test there is always a good surprise or a good recommendation that proves to be right. This is the case of the two products shown here today, by Origins: A Perfect World, antioxidant cleanser with white tea and Make a Difference, skin rejuvenating treatment lotion.

Origins facial cleansing review - StylishlyBeautiful.com

The first one is a pearly liquid soap and it really cleans your face, leaving a fresh and, as said before, silky sensation. The same sensation you will have after using the complementary lotion. You can use both alone, not needing to have the combined steps. I confess I use the liquid soap more.

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