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Larisa Costea aka “The Mysterious Girl” is a Romanian fashion blogger and a model. She is a busy bee as she has also launched her own clothing line, named Hush Hush. She started her own blog in 2013 and she couldn’t imagine that one day she will be well-known, with hundreds of followers. An interesting information about the blog’s name: it’s inspired by her husband’s song, Mysterious Girl, which he performed with his band and in which video she made an appearance. Larisa loves casual looks because she likes to feel comfortable during the day. But she also likes to combine different styles together like chic and sporty. She’s the kind of girl in the wardrobe of whom you can find a lot of basic items but she never sees it as a restriction, because she believes that fashion has no boundaries! She gets inspiration from magazines and other bloggers but most of the times her environment helps her create her next looks. With collaborations with brands like Daniel Wellington, Monier Freres, H&M, Avon Romania and SheInside, we can’t wait to see what she is planning for the near future.

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Beckerman sisters are the happiest kids in the blogosphere! The Canadian twins Sam and Cailli entered the fashion world as designers who eventually turned bloggers and started coloring every fashion week with bold colours and their absolutelly cute madness! They always have a big smile, wear the statement pieces of each season and many times their two adorable pomeranians pop from inside their Balenciaga bags! Also, I’d like to add that, of course I like their style but I don’t really think that any other person in the world could wear all these clothes together, except for the Beckermans!

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The camel coat entered the list of trends a few years ago, and as it seems, it’s here for good and this winter it’s the strongest trend in coats. Even though camel is a specific color, the butterscotch brown, many clothing firms have a wider camel color palette so you can find darker or lighter versions in the market! So if you want to invest in a camel coat do it and take some styling tips from the global fashion goddesses!

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A Stylishly Beautiful Christmas 8- photoshoot - StylishlyBeautiful.comSince it’s the first Christmas of Stylishly Beautiful, we thought it would be a nice idea to include George to our Christmas photoshoot, a kind of new tradition that only started last year. He happily accepted to be with us, so we spent 1.5-2 months organizing everything, till we could have this shoot for the 5 of us. We would have loved to be the full team together, but unfortunately, Denise couldn’t come to Greece (she has also planned something special for later today, though), but we’re hoping to be all together in future shootings (and finally have an official Stylishly Beautiful Team photo). That day we celebrated Christmas (a little earlier) together, so we can have our party, and spend the actual holidays with our families. Of course we had to dress up and of course we also had to make homemade delicacies to devour later (after the pizzas we ate). We also took footage for a little backstage video, as we wanted to start our Youtube channel (we have so many ideas for that channel, so make sure to subscribe to stay updated!).

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