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Now that the summer is here we need to buy the season’s essentials! Besides finding the perfect swimsuit and buying the best sun screen, there is one more thing you need, a gorgeous beach bag! You can’t just take any bag, you need one stylish enough to accompany your bikini and big enough so you can put everything in there, from towels and sunglasses to the new Cosmopolitan issue! So take a look at what I found and choose the best bag for you!


fullah sugah beach bags

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Now that we have typically entered spring (I say typically because the weather isn’t really helpful) all women out there (including me) are in a hunt for the best spring pieces tο add to their closets! This year, the loots of my hunting trip won’t be clothes, since I already have more than enough of them, but bags! I am looking for the finest of them and it’s time for you to check my finds!

zara spring SUMMER 2015 bags

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