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MIGATO Grecious collection

This summer, MIGATO presents its Grecious Collection, a new collection of leather sandals in ancient Greek style, entirely made in Greece. Inspired by ancient Greek art, the designs of MIGATO Grecious Collection are decorated with braids, studs and earthy black-and-taupe combos. The name of the collection is a play on the words Greece and gracious, symbolizing their Greek origins and the grace of their elegant designs.

Amalia Gatou, MIGATO’s Creative Director, said: “As a Greek company with many years of experience in footwear and accessories, MIGATO Grecious is a natural follow-up to our collections. We are very proud and happy that it became a reality this year and that it allows us to highlight our creativity and the capabilities of Greek shoemakers”.

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Aristoteli Bitsiani menswear Spring-Summer 2015 collection 1

Aristoteli Bitsiani is a menswear brand based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It has high quality and stylish clothes which are always inspired by the latest fashion trends. You’re going to love the variety of its shirts from formal to fashionable ones. So in its new campaign “BREΔTHE” for this Spring-Summer, the company suggests bold colors, light fabrics and clothes in classic lines. Some interesting information about the campaign: the photos were taken by Nicholas Samaras in a pool, literally under the water. There is also a video from the whole photoshooting with extra frames and you can see it here.  Take a look at the stunning photos below !!

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The Greek natural product company, Fresh Line, is welcoming the Christmas period by releasing a few gift sets with chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, grape and sweet macaron scents, among others. Let’s see my favorite ones for this season.

Fresh Line Christmas Biscuit Set

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Access fashion fall-winter 2014-2015 4Access Fashion is a Greek clothing company, established in Thessaloniki in 2000. Their main purpose is to satisfy women’s needs by following the international trends and creating fashionable, elegant clothes at reasonable prices. They are presenting and producing 4 collections annually: Spring/Summer – Summer Flash & Fall/Winter – Winter Flash. Let’s take a look at their Fall/Winter 2014-2015 lookbook. .

Access fashion fall-winter 2014-2015 3 Access fashion fall-winter 2014-2015 5 Access fashion fall-winter 2014-2015 6 Access fashion fall-winter 2014-2015 7 Access fashion fall-winter 2014-2015 8 Access fashion fall-winter 2014-2015 Access fashion fall-winter 2014-2015 2


Photos courtesy of Access Fashion

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During the change of seasons, a shopping mania overcomes me (well not only me; every woman on this planet!) and I want to buy everything! So after my shopping guide for the best boots out there, it’s time to see the best bags, which are totally made in Greece (and well I have to support my  home)! So I found everything I was looking for in Achilleas Accessories: leopard, fringes and great materials; it was impossible for me not to love them all and it’s so hard to just choose one!

achilleas accessories new bags

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