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Unicorn soap Earth's raw beauty 32017 so far has proven to be the year of the unicorn, hasn’t it? From clothes, to beauty products, everyone seems to be in a unicorn-frenzy and who can blame them; they’re so freaking cute. Earth’s Raw Beauty recently created a unicorn-themed soap (and a bar version of the “Believe in Magic” line), which is a goat milk soap scented with a blend of berries, apples, peaches and kumquat. It is a pure soap with no fillers, hardening agents and detergents and it’s made to order. Unfortunately, due to popular demand, the pre-order of the soap has been closed, but the owner said it will be open again in 2-3 weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on Earth’s Raw Beauty Instagram account, for the announcement. The soap costs $6.95 and you will find it here, once it’s available to pre-order again.

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