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Jeffree Star is launching a Northern Lights highlighter paletteJeffree Star recently announced the launch of a new palette, called Northern Lights. We assume from the name Supreme Frost pro Palette, that it’s a highlighter palette. We only know that it will include 6 new shades, and that it’s launching on December 8th. From the name he chose for the palette, we guess that it will include bold shades such as green, blue, violet and maybe some more natural ones, like pink, or yellow. We still don’t have a lot to report on the palette, but Supreme Frost is the new highlighter formula of Jeffree Star, which sold out quickly when it was first released earlier this year, due to its great glow and blending attributes. So we’re expecting something equally awesome from this palette. So stay tuned!

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Kylie Cosmetics 2017 Holiday Edition

There are so many beautiful holiday collections lately and of course Kylie Cosmetics’ one couldn’t be out of the list. This year Kylie Jenner came out with a lot of new stuff for her 2017 holiday collection and let’s talk about them in depth. So first of all let me tell you that it’s limited edition and if you want something you better be hurry. If something is sold out keep a eye on Kylie Cosmetics’ official Instagram account to see when they will restock them again. 

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Wet n' Wild MegaGlow highlighting palette

New highlighting palette alert and in a fabulous price! I’m talking about the MegaGlow highlighting palette from Wet n’ Wild of course. The MegaGlow palette contains 4 new colours in the shades “Sweet Peony”, “Blushing Azalea”, “Wild Cosmos” and “Diamond Lily”.

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The new BH Cosmetics Highlight Palette has definitely caught our attention. Not only they are super affordable, but they also come with a selection of 6 colour in each palette! So you will be able to find th perfect highlight shade for you and you also use them as an eyeshadow! There is a more bronze palette with colours which start from a very light gold campaign colour and go up until some deep shades, which will be perfect as highlighters for darker skin tones, or as bronzer or eyeshadow for pale people! The other one is definitely more light on tone and has that holographic vibe, which is totally in trend right now! Both look amazing!!

Available on BHCosmatics.com


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