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You should follow_mod.young on instagram 1I have a special suggestion today for all the beauty addicts out there. Morgan’s Instagram account is absolutely amazing. She shares mostly photos of skincare products and cosmetics that caught her attention. You can discover so many great products and hear an honest opinion about them just by visiting her profile. Furthermore, she emphasises on cruelty-free products which is quite interesting and remarkable. As for her photography, is creative and stunning. She might have only around 7k followers on Instagram but she deserves much more. So why don’t you show her some love by following her at @mod.young?!

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You should follow_@thesundaygirluk on Instagram 1

I might suggested way too many travel Instagram accounts the past few months but I never forgot my true love. I’m always interested in lovely accounts related to beauty.  The @thesundaygirluk is the ideal account for whoever loves skincare and cosmetics. Who doesn’t like learning all about new products and finding some suggestions? I know, I do! Moreover, most of her photos are flatlays and they look bright, professional and magnificent. There’s really not much more to say. If you enjoy looking at such photos, then you should totally go follow that account, or at least check it out!

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You should follow_yabatravellers on Instagram 1Vasiliki and George, a Greek couple, share the same passion for travelling.  Many couples state that they have a commune Instagram account but most of the times we only see one of them. Luckily this is not one of these kinds of accounts. Vasiliki and George travel all around the world and take some romantic and cute shots together.  Moreover, they share photographs of incredible places and landscapes. It’s not the usual travel account but this is what makes it unique. I love their photos and the lovely atmosphere. If you are in a relationship, they will even inspire you to take nicer photos with your beloved one so make sure to check them @yabatravellers.

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You should follow_jodiemelissaxo on Instagram 1

I always had a weak spot for beauty and skincare. Even though I enjoy following travel and lifestyle accounts on Instagram, I never miss ae chance to check a beauty account. Jodie’s account has all the things I like:  beauty talk, incredible photography and moments of her everyday life. She works as a photographer and Social Media Manager so you can imagine how organised and creative she can be and how much time she spends to set up a lovely and bright feed. If you share the same passion with me, make sure to follow her @jodiemelissaxo.

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Naomi Ross, or as known as @rossio_style on instagram, is again one of my favorite instagrammers. She travels the world and shows through her amazing feed all the places she’s been to. Not only I love her photography, but her style and aesthetic as well. You will always find inspiration for fashion or traveling in her page! I truly suggest you check her out, because I believe she deserves more followers!


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