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12 sweaters to wear after the holidays

Following last year’s post about the 16 chunky knits to wear after the holidays that you seem to have liked so much, we decided to write a newer version to show you this year’s pretty knits. These types of sweaters, are more on the “oversized” side, helping you hide any extra weight you might have gained after all that holiday eating. We don’t judge! We’ve been there ourselves, and we just want to help until you’re back to your old normal self. These knits are also pretty as hell, and they’ll be really helpful now that the weather forecast has “snow” written all over it, even here in Greece. Warm, comfortable, and pretty! That’s what our readers are! Enjoy the photos. You will find all items in the widget at the end of this post.

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Fall is here for a while and we have some months to wear sweaters, through winter too… and good quality ones will last for some years 🙂 We have here a selection of stylishly beautiful 🙂 sweaters – or jumpers, in the UK – for you to choose the ones that meet your taste! They are cozy, warm and some gather the comfort of a poncho with the practicality of a sweater. Let’s see them:


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Every year around this time I start wearing my holiday jumpers. Yes they are special Christmas jumpers, they are actually magical because they can make you feel happy and get the festive spirit ον! So I strongly recommend you start a tradition like mine and start collecting Christmas jumpers from now! They are cozy, beautiful and as I said they make you feel happy, so don’t waist any time, check my picks and get one for yourself and your boyfriend (Well it’s so cute to wear matchy jumpers <3)
asos christmas jumpers

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