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Beauty alert! Kylie Jenner has her birthday (she is officially 19 years old) and she celebrates it with a new limited edition makeup collection for all of us! They will be available today at 3pm PT (11pm London time) until August 10! The limited edition collection has gold colour packaging! In her new collection you can find one new matte lipstick in maroon shade called Leo, one lip gloss in the shade Poppin’, one metal lipstick called Lord, one Kyliner in dark bronze shade, one package with her matte lipsticks in mini size, 2 creme eyeshadows in gold and rose gold and one makeup bag. You don’t have to buy the whole collection because everything is being sold separately. Kylie herself told on snapchat that “everything is infused with real gold and I can say that the whole collection is so pretty”!

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The it-girl and Reality-star turned make-up-queen Kylie Jenner is expanding her make up kingdom! She started with her ultra famous lip kits which were sold out every time she re-stocked them, continued with some gorgeous nude glosses, launched metallic lipsticks and now it was about time for a new product to pop! The Kyshadow as you can imagine is a line of eyeshadows and the very first palette includes gorgeous bronze shades of browns, oranges and nudes! You can buy it today on kyliecosmetics.com but it’s probably sold out already!

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Kylie Jenner new lip gloss line & video campaign 3

A few days ago, Kylie Jenner notified her social media followers of a video campaign, announcing her new lip gloss line. The video, which was directed by Colin Tilley, featured her “squad”, doing an armed robbery, while Kylie herself, who also starred, was waiting for them in her car, wearing a Louis Vuitton head scarf. The confusing video was taken by many as an April fool’s joke, but she was indeed announcing her new lip gloss line, which came out on April 1st, and since then has already been sold out, as all her previous launches. The new line includes glosses in 3 shades called “Like” (light brown), “Literally” (mauve-y beige), and “So Cute” (pale pink), and could be bought for the price of $15 each. You can find the video below, and if you’re interested, keep refreshing her shop kyliecosmetics.com, to see if any stock comes back up.

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