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Two months ago we talked about the Eastpak Artist Studio, a collection which aims to raise money for Designers Against Aids (DAA). That was the first time JPG collaborated with Eastpak and now he designed a limited edition collection of seven backpacks for the well known luggage brand. The two brands reunited just to awake people about Aids and HIV and the biggest part of the profits will go to DAA again. Part of the collection will be available on February 1st and the rest on April 1st!

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Barbie Lagerfeld 2

Barbie Lagerfeld is arriving on Sept 29th!

The designer’s trademark style is what makes the new Barbie unique! She is dressed in the likeness of Karl Lagerfeld – with a tailored black jacket, white high-collared men’s shirt with French cuffs, black satin cravat and fitted black jeans. The exclusive Barbie is ornamented with black fingerless gloves, ankle boots and sunglasses!

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