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Spring is all about pink… Pink fever that is! Make Up For Ever has launched a new limited-edition lip collection that’s called PINK Fever. Inspired by the stage makeup, PINK FEVER features 3 passion pink lip colors in three unexpected textures to warm you up for the upcoming spring.

Artist Lip Balm is inspired by the nourishing care of lip balm. Its formula will add comfort, color, and shine to your lips with a sheer, lightweight finish.

Artist Lip Blush is inspired by the silky finish of powder blush. It glides on leaving your lips blushing with a velvet, matte finish that is long lasting and comfortable.

Artist Acrylip is inspired by the rich, intense acrylic paints used by artists. This highly-pigmented lip formula, has intense liquid color, high coverage and leaves your lips shiny, yet non-sticky.

Photo: musingsofamuse.com


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