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Urban Decay has launched an amazing collection. Since liquid lipsticks are the ultimate trend right now, the brand came out with 30 brand new shades, each retails for $18, on their official website: UrbanDecay.com! We are all very excited about it, because the quality of Urban Decay products is perfect! Let’s have a look!

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I guess we’ve all fallen for the liquid lipstick trend( my self included). They promise a long wear time and amazing pigmentation. Which truth be told, is something we all look for in a lipstick! But I’m sure that many of you have tried many which are super dehydrating. Yes the name is Liquid mat, so don’t expect any of them to be moisturizing, but we at least want one which does not break down after 3 hours, and of course, that it is easy to reapply. So here are some of the best!

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Brown Lipsticks, chokers, I feel like the 90’s are here for good. And here on Stylishly Beautiful we love it! Brown lipstick is gaining popularity fast again and we are here to show you the best ones on the market. Whether you are going for something more subtle (like Mac’s Whirl or NYX’s Sandstorm) or bold (like Colourpop LAX or Mac’s Antique Velvet) you will definitely love them!

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