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Make up setting Sprays are starting to become a lot more hyped up. Who’d have thought that a spray could hold your make up much longer. At first I has really skeptical about them my self. But after trying a couple, I realized that the hype was real. They really do set your make up and make it last longer. But what I love about them the most is that they will make your skin look soooo smooth and pore less. Every powder that you have put on top will become one with your skin and your blush or bronzer will look super natural! There are setting sprays for every skin type ( oily, dry, combination) and you can choose what’s best for you! The most popular and loved products must be mentioned. I am talking about the Mac Fix Plus spray, which offers hydration and makes your skin so look smooth. The Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray will lock your make up all night and all night long. The L’Oreal Infallible Pro Setting Spray will provide longevity and a mat finish. The Make Up Forever Mist and Fix will set your make up for many hours! And lastly, the Nyx setting sprays which come in two different finishes, the Dewy one for dry skin and the Mat for oily skin .So that’s all, what do you think about setting sprays? Do you have a favorite?

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