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Make Up For Ever Professional Rouge artist intense lipstick_ReviewIf there is one lipstick that every woman has to have in her collection, it is definitely a red one. It’s timeless, chic and at the same time sexy. Summer is around the corner but don’t let this keep you away from it. My all time classic and favorite is the Rouge Artist Intense lipstick from Make up For Ever in no 8 shade. It’s a bold red one that flatters every girl but mostly brunettes. It’s incredibly matte without drying out your lips. No matter how much I eat or drink, this lipstick is really steady and it will stay on your lips, almost flawless, the whole day. Even though I have 3 red lipsticks in my make-up collection, the Rouge Artist Intense lipstick is the only one that I always come back to!!

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Spring is all about pink… Pink fever that is! Make Up For Ever has launched a new limited-edition lip collection that’s called PINK Fever. Inspired by the stage makeup, PINK FEVER features 3 passion pink lip colors in three unexpected textures to warm you up for the upcoming spring.

Artist Lip Balm is inspired by the nourishing care of lip balm. Its formula will add comfort, color, and shine to your lips with a sheer, lightweight finish.

Artist Lip Blush is inspired by the silky finish of powder blush. It glides on leaving your lips blushing with a velvet, matte finish that is long lasting and comfortable.

Artist Acrylip is inspired by the rich, intense acrylic paints used by artists. This highly-pigmented lip formula, has intense liquid color, high coverage and leaves your lips shiny, yet non-sticky.

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Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss April 2015 3203P Golden Pink, 204 Old Pink, 205P Pearly Rose, 206 Pop Pink, 207 Candy Pink

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss is a new, permanent formula available in a slew of shades from nude to black. You will find some shimmery sparkly gloss shades (after the shade’s name they have a P) and some solid colors without any sparkles. It has an innovative gloss formula, a non-sticky one which impart vivid color and stunning shine. The opinions among all the girls who have already tried them, differed a lot, so we’ll have to try them out ourselves to have a proper opinion. Besides, Make up for ever is famous for their amazing products so it’s possible that we’d enjoy this test.

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