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Draping | The new beauty trend for spring/summer 2017

You can forget contouring; spring’s new makeup trend is called draping and it’s all about the blush. It’s a makeup technique that is having a comeback from the 80s and 90s. It’s basically like contouring, using different shades of blush and a highlighter to make your good features stand out. Starting just under your cheekbones, use the darker shade of blush in your palettes to define the area, and then mix the lighter shades of blush and work upwards. You can use bold or more natural colors, depending on your likings, and you can create a V shape with the blush going past your temples and over your eyelids (like in the pictures above), working as an eye shadow as well. Use a highlighter product as you would with contouring, and don’t forget to blend everything well for a more natural but glowing result.

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