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Spring nails designs 1

If you are looking for manicures’ inspiration, let us inform you about this season’s trends. There is no need to be an expert to do a nice manicure; you only need imagination.  Firstly, spring is all about intense colors and pastel shades. The classic designs are floral, polka dots and plaid. If you are sassy enough, try to play around with more than one colors and try to do any design you want, from geometric to less sophisticated ones. Moreover, you can take a look on Instagram and on Pinterest for more ideas but for now check out our picks!!

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As Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, the demand for anything regarding that day is high, since all the girls celebrating it, want to look as pretty as possible for their partner. Of course we love anything pretty and we also love getting inspired for new manicures. Our biggest source of inspiration? Pinterest of course! We searched for the best ideas, which could easily be done either at home or at a professional salon. Take a look below, and let us know which your favorite one is. Will you try any of these for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's day nail art

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the best-seller book 50 shades of grey being adapted into a film. Well, either you read the book or not, it has a huge following and its movie premiere is tomorrow on the 11th (for some countries, or in the following days for some others). Of course, we couldn’t leave this opportunity behind, and not prepare a post, inspired by the upcoming movie. 4 of the Stylishly Beautiful girls, created manicures based on grey, and a few other colors, inspired by the O.P.I. “50 Shades of Grey” nail polish collection we wrote about a few months ago. So let’s take a look at our manicures, one by one.

50 shades of grey inspired manicure - Denise

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Every woman loves a beautiful manicure. There are still lots of them who prefer a plain one because they think that it’s very difficult to do something more elaborate. For all of them, including me, I found a great suggestion. The Sonailicious.com is a site in which Maria Vlezko, founder and editor, shares her nail art every day, along with tutorials, beauty news and advices. You will find fabulous ideas and how to do them successfully. You can search by the colour you want and the appropriate occasion and you are going to be surprised of the things you ‘ll learn.

After a while, you will be able to try any of them with confidence. Let’s see what I picked out.

nail art

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Photos courtesy of Maria Vlezko – Sonailicious.com

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