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Today’s article is dedicated to MCM and its unique creations! I must admit that despite my knowledge in fashion, I got to know this company better only a year ago, because of its increased popularity from its loyal supporters. The main feature of the company is the use of leather materials, which give a special shine under the light, due to the quality of the leather used and the physical enrichment with gold and silver studs. Due to this type of leather, the company became really popular to the public. I would describe its designs as particularly eccentric, nevertheless who wouldn’t want to get one? Despite the steep prices, the company grows daily and remains one of the best companies worldwide!

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I am pretty sure you know the speaker brand ”beats by dre” because everyone wears their headphones! In the beggining I didn’t really like them because there is no sane person who would choose them instead of a classic tiny pair of headphones but their collaboration with the german brand of luxury leather goods MCM totally changed my mind! Beats became a part of fashion and wore the brand’s logo all over! The collection will be available from June in every MCM store around the world and online!


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