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Every year the same question: what comes after having chosen the right swimsuit?? Summer is already here girls and with it come the endless hours at the nearest beach!! Making a small list I realized that there are still a few things that are missing for a stylish appearance at the beach! There are endless choices of caftans, tunics, dresses and shorts in different designs and fabrics!! Floral, monochrome and gossamer. Despoina Vandi (a Greek singer) assumes the role of fashion designer which is a whole different path than the ones we are used to! As a fashion designer Despoina Vandi presents an alternative and astonishing fashion line for the beach! Nonetheless other fashion designers have done a fantastic job for this summer too! Once more the company known as MED is at the top of my choices because of the company’s sexy fashion styles!! Beach outfit 2016!! For your eyes only!!

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Even though many of you believe that Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday in order for the companies to increase their sales, I just can’t accept this! My personal opinion is that you can give someone a gift any day of the year, as long as you do it with love and concern. I’m a romantic soul so I’m trying to keep in my mind the beautiful side of this day. So, I began searching for a suitable gift for the man in my life and what I could suggest for yours. I can’t say no to chocolate (everybody loves it, admit it) so here are some suggestions for every taste. You can always share with us your thoughts and your own suggestions!!

Gift Guide For Him - Valentine's Day Edition From top to bottom reverse clockwise: H&MZara – ZaraRemingtonRalph Lauren –  ParkerMEDDaniel Wellington

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