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23 year old Jairwoo, is undoubtedly one of the best menswear bloggers and youtubers having more than 100.000 subscribers and 10 million views inspiring men daily. Jair, through his digital presence, wants to document his personal style and create a small sample of his everyday life, his travels amd his stylish pictures. From the time he started YouTube, he collaborated with brands such as big sexy hair, dstld jeans, starkstreet, jonny iv and more counting. Of course, collaborations are not going to stop here for Jairwoo, as he collaborates with various fashion brands giving quality pictures and videos to his readers and viewers. Get to know him, through the following pictures.


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Marks & Spencer Fall-Winter 2015 men's collection 1The new Marks & Spencer men’s collection for Fall/Winter 2015 is absolutely elegant and its statement pieces have a dominant part in men’s unique style. The company focuses on classic looks which have a combination of intense patterns and plain lines for a sophisticated confidence. Its suits are renewed thanks to growing demand for a more form-fitting line while the Italian influence is obvious. It’s a collection that emphasizes on those details, fabrics and lines that flatter and provides a comfort and luxury sense. In other words it’s an interpretation of men’s classic style through a modern, urban look!!

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