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5 + 1 must have watchesI love wearing watches, and I don’t own only one. I consider them, not only a way to keep the time, but a piece of jewellery. I always wear watches when I go out, and if I feel “naked” if I happen to go out without one. Watches are basic jewellery pieces, but they can also be a statement piece if you want it to be one. If you’re like me, you already own at least a couple of them. If you’re just starting your “collection”, a silver one will go perfectly with everything in your wardrobe. My next pick would be a rose-gold one, because it’s classy and timeless. Gold ones are also really nice, if you wear gold pieces, and a black one would be as versatile as your silver one. Now a pastel colored one, with interchangeable straps, would be perfect for spring/summer season, and if you’re feeling playful, stripes are perfect for you. Which one would be your choice?

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