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Look of the day Cropped off the shoulder topThe look of the day, might be very light and simple today, but it combines 2 major trends: cropped off-the-shoulder tops and gingham. I love them both, and I wanted to create a nice summer look that would be easy to wear from day to night. So I paired up the cropped top with high-waisted gingham shorts, and I added some color with the bag and the flat sandals. This look can be your best choice both for staying in the city during the summer, and exploring the narrow streets of little islands, or go sightseeing in other cities/countries. It’s light, comfortable and very stylish, and it’s our suggestion for this week. Whatever you’re planning to do, we really hope you have an amazing time while doing it. 🙂

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How to wear an off-the-shoulder top_from day to night

In our recent shopping guide, we talked about the greatest trend of this summer, the off-the-shoulders one. Today, I created one chic but still comfortable look and depending on the accessories you can transform it from day to night. Most of you, want a cool look in the morning with just the basic pieces, so a watch is more than enough. On the contrary, at night you can easily add a ring and wear a pair of high heels for a sexier outfit. This is just our suggestion but don’t miss the chance to get at least one off-the-shoulder top and feel free to create your own combination based on this piece!!

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Off the shoulder trend summer 2016

As far as trends go, the off-the-shoulder one is by far one of the biggest, concerning women’s fashion. The boho trend from last year is still going strong and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are literally everywhere right now. One visit to your local stores will convince you. I must confess that I have already fallen for this trend, and I’ve bought a few pieces already, but I’d like to buy a few more, if I’m completely honest. Totally off-the-shoulder, with thin straps, detachable sleeves, tops or dresses, they’re here to stay. Are you going to indulge into this summer’s biggest trend? Here are some options for you!

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It’s not really a trend, since it is being worn for decades, but every season it seems some fashion has a revival. This was the year of espadrilles and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. Let’s see some of them!

Off the shoulder trend

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