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Bloggers we love - Wunder Bliss 1Elizabeth is the Canadian girl behind the Wunder Bliss blog. It’s mostly a fashion blog but you are going to find beauty and DIY there posts, too. I recently stumbled upon her beautiful blog and I fell in love with her style. It’s chic and classic at the same time. I especially like her girly summer looks and the casual-elegant winter ones with denim pieces. Moreover, you will find some outfits based on mixed trends, which are really inspirational. Take a look at her style and make sure to follow her blog and her social media if you like it.

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Bloggers we love - The fashion fraction 3- StylishlyBeautiful.comThe Fashion fraction is the personal style blog of Michèle Krüsi, a Switzerland based blogger, and graphic designer. I knew Michèle from back in 2011, when she used to have a smaller blog by another name. I was glad to find she was back in the blogging world in 2014 with a completely new blog and name. Her new blog was even better than the first one, with great photography and Michèle’s amazing style. I really admire good photography in a blog, and this one’s great in this field! I also love reading her blog because of Michèle’s style, which includes a lot of mixing & matching, layering and hats. I picked some of her outfits I liked to give you a taste of her work, but you should totally check out her blog and social media for more! Info down below…

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Nothing Like Fashion - redhead Greek blogger

Rania is the beautiful redhead with the exquisite style who’s behind the personal style blog Nothing Like Fashion. I discovered her blog when she was still making her first steps in the blogging world (a little while after I started my own blog) and I watched her evolve year after year, not only stylistically but also photographically. Rania’s blog, in my opinion, is definitely one of the best Greek blogs out there, with excellent photography, amazing outfits that have nothing to envy from the bloggers abroad, and with a great attention to detail. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person recently, and talk to her, but for all of you who haven’t and want to know more about her, I asked her to give us this interview. Meet Rania and her blog, and don’t forget to follow her on her various social media accounts (You’re gonna love her Instagram account).

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