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Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow is backAs some of you might remember, last year, one of Benefit Cosmetics’ most popular brow products, Gimme Brow, was re-called, because it didn’t meet the company’s standards, as it was announced. For Gimme Brow lovers, that was something tragic, because that little brow mascara made the eyebrows look natural yet amazing. After not being re-released for several months afterwards, many might have thought that the product was tragically discontinued. That was not the case though. Benefit Cosmetics announced that they’ll be re-releasing the new Gimme Brow+ product, with a new and improved formula, that will make your brows look even better. According to Benefit, the formula of the product was slightly modified to “include updated ingredients and to meet the latest standards set by Benefit’s parent company, LVMH”. Its box also had a slight update, and it’s now pink instead of blue that it initially was. The + sign was included to show that there’s a new formula on the product, and that it adds volume. Benefit Cosmetics’ Gimme Brow + is expected to be released everywhere in the world, today, Tuesday March 13th.

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Urban Decay Brings Back Vintage Lipstick Capsule from the '90s

Urban Decay is throwing it back to the ‘90s, by re-releasing a series of nine lipsticks from its capsule collection back in the days. This new “Vintage” collection, as it’s going to be called, will include colors such as electric blue, dark purple, brown and black in shimmery textures to remind us of that era. This old-school release will be part of the celebrations for Urban Decay’s 20th anniversary, and will be available soon, as part of their Holiday 2016 collection.

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