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You should follow realfashionist on InstagramZaklina is a fashion blogger from Serbia, who’s known through her Instagram account @realfashionist, which now has over 300k followers. If you didn’t know her age, you would have never imagined that Zaklina is over 30. I happened to read about her somewhere online, and I found out that not only she’s 47 years old, she’s also a grandmother. Well, she’s the chicest, most young-looking grandmother I’ve ever seen. But the reason I’m featuring her here today, is because she has a great fashion sense, and I just love looking at her Instagram photos. Her style is effortless and sometimes she looks like an Italian princess. She’s been living in Italy for the past couple of years, and I say that the country definitely suits her. If you want to see more of her style, just follow her Instagram account.

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